Richard Hagen was a professional boxer prior to becoming a referee. Click to see his archived boxing record.

Richard HagenAverage or belowAverage or aboveAverage or belowNot at all

Fights refereed during the past year

July,2066KO2JaMichael House-Harris wins by KO in round 2!
May,2066TKO2Aaron Gray wins by TKO in round 2!
May,2066DQ12Eduardo Herrera wins following Alberto Silva DQ disqualification!
April,2066TKO1Stuart Ross wins by TKO in round 1!
April,2066UD12Sebastian Albano wins by unanimous decision!
March,2066KO1Floyd Mayweather wins by KO in round 1!
March,2066TKO10Referee stops the fight on advice from ring doctor. Cody Grayson wins by TKO!
February,2066KO2Adriel Ryan wins by KO in round 2!