Antonin Pavelka was a professional boxer prior to becoming a referee. Click to see his archived boxing record.

Antonin PavelkaDefinitelyDefinitelyAverage or belowAverage or below

Fights refereed during the past year

June,2066SD12Salamah Ameen wins by split decision!
May,2066TKO7Kilian Kula wins by TKO in round 7!
May,2066SD12Oldrich Blatnik wins by split decision!
May,2066UD12Alexej Chromy wins by unanimous decision!
April,2066KO9Mei Feng Gui wins by KO in round 9!
March,2066KO3Nikola Hula wins by KO in round 3!
February,2066KO6Vit Koutnik wins by KO in round 6!
December,2065TKO7Referee stops the fight on advice from ring doctor. Kamil Antos wins by TKO!
December,2065KO7Ales Panek wins by KO in round 7!
December,2065PTS12This fight is a draw by majority decision!
December,2065DQ12Ladislav Halas wins following Alexej Chromy DQ disqualification!
September,2065TKO8Pavel Rybka wins by TKO in round 8!