. Week 2, April 2070

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Box2Glory Hall of Fame

Jeffrey Rittenbach
7 X World champion
37 Defenses
(2020-2039) Born on tragic Sep 11, 2001 in Los Angeles,

Jeffrey joined B2G from day one as an amateur World Champ with high expectations. He was immediately signed by the biggest US gym at that time - Phoenix Ace Combo. Known for his explosive power the LA native ruled the Bantameweights from 2022-2028. A period of decline in which he lost 6 fights in a row was stopped after he teamed up with Rockplace and under his new management Jeff was able to resurrect his career and once again dominate the division between 2030-2036.

Jeff retired with record 70 wins 1 draw and 31 defeats, 3 times USA fan favorite and one USA bee award.

19 year career of which 12 were spend at the very top of the world, B2G is proud to add Jeffrey Rittenbach as the 1st entry to the Hall of Fame.

Fyodor Apraksin
4 X World champion
26 Defenses
(2020-2041) Born right as world was getting ready to enter 2000 in Chelyabinsk,

Fyodor's father was a famous Soviet rocket scientist. Fyodor picked up boxing as he was bullied in school for being a nerd. He did not have many fights before turning pro just as B2G came to be. A natural punishing Heavyweight he was a terrific inside fighter. Moscow Bogatiri - The best Russian gym snapped him as he captured Russia championship on his 4th pro fight. At 23 year old on his 17th fight he captured a World Title. Between 2023 and 2027 he held that belt. A period of decline in 2028-2030 saw Fyodor move around to Paris and Stockholm as well as flirting with Superweight division. Incredibly just as just as Jeff Rittenbach Fyodor have to thank joining Rockplace gym for their ressurgence. Fyodor was able to get back to the top at 2032 and 2033.

Fyodor star dimmed shortly after and he joined Moscow Olympic commitee as a boxer/advisor in 2037 and finally retired from active boxing in 2041 to become a well-respected scout.

Ludovit Jesensky
4 X World champion
36 Defenses
(2021-2042) Born in May of 2001 in Bratislava,

Ludovit was an amateur world champ that joined B2G about 1 1/2 year after the organization was formed. A pure Middleweight was immediately picked up by the top Phoenix Ace Combo gym. Ludovit was a fast track train capturing a world title at his 17th fight. A couple of years later the champ switched gym to be closer to home, moving to Stockholm Nords gym. Amazingly, he was able to consistently dominate the middleweight division for 12 years, between 2023 and 2035. He continued to do what he loved to the tail end of his career as a free agent, retiring at 2042, at 40 with 86 wins as an oldest champion of the country that he loved as much as Slovakia loved him back.

Suzu Morita
7 X World champion
45 Defenses
(2020-2042) Suzu Morita was always a biggest boy in his class in Sendai,

Standing almost 2 meters tall at 18 years old he was playing basketball for his school. He discovered boxing when his basketball teammate took him to the gym in Sendai where he was taking boxing lessons. Mr. Mazauka immediately spotted some inherent boxing talent in the youngster. At 20 with little to speak of amateur career Suzu turned professional with just formed B2G. 2 years later on his 15 fight he delivered a world title to his small Sendai gym. More lucrative contracts were offered which took Suzu through many big Asian gyms. For next 13 years Suzu was in a class of his own - a big heavy handed heavyweight from Japan on a top of the world.

In 2037 there was no that much fuel in a tank left. Quick relegation back to national level followed, as well as the attempt to revive the career by leaving Asia for the first time and signing with a Bristol Nashimura gym. Under new management he did manage to get promotion back to the continent, but that is as far as he got. The twilight of the career was spent in Tbilisi, Georgia. B2G just opened a branch there and Suzu was dual role as boxer/advisor to the team. He retired to concentrate on his scouting career after losing his final fight on his 43 b-day. He won 91 fights over his career and when he retired he held the record for the oldest Japan national champion.

Taner Oyal
3 X World champion
65 Defenses
(2022-2046) Taner was an 18 year old Turkish Olympian in Tokyo in 2020 when B2G organization kicked off. He was injured in quarter finals and never got on a podium. Instead he found his glory when he joined a fledging B2G in 2022. And he became the face of B2G for the next 24 years.

Unprecedented in every way he swept opposition on an unbelievable record of 65 world title defenses. He was lucky to stay close to home and fight out of Istambul Tarkan gym for many of those years. Eventually he joined a famous Rockplace gym in South Africa 2032 and continued his unmatched domination for few more years afterwards. It is around that time that finally the much younger challenger arose that could give Taner a proper send off. With Rockplace gym closing Taner moved to Guadalajara Big Buff Dudes gym in Mexico and for next few years had many memorable title fights against Shaoqi Li with World Champ going back and forth with what seem like every challenge.

A biggest legend of Box2Glory to date Taner retired at age of 44 but continues to be part of boxing as a scout to this day.

Cihan Yigit
10 X World champion
20 Defenses
(2020-2046) There is a famous gym in Istambul that is while neither the biggest nor richest is one of the best in finding and nurturing talent. In 20s and early 30s the gym was collecting world titles like they were postage stamps. And it was all because of the two Turkish friends who shared that gym. One of those friends is the legendary welterweight Taner Oyal and another is a lightweight from Samsun, Cihan Yigit.

One might say Cihan lived in a shadow of Taner which probably contributed to Cihanís well publicized battle with substance abuse. Cihan had tremendous talent but was less consistent than his legendary friend. Despite of his inconsistencies he held the belt 10 times between 2022 and 2035. Unlike Taner who went on to sign for bigger gyms oversees, Cihan stayed in Istambul throughout his entire career. By the end of his career he was spending a lot of time working with amateurs in Olympic program. He retired at 43, shortly after his lifelong friend did the same. Cihan mentioned Taner as one of the folks that helped him to put his life back in order and become a decent trainer following his retirement.

Mathis "Bloody" Blanchard
2 X World champion
53 Defenses
(2024-2049) He was a slick boxer with a vicious right. Mathis Blanchard could do it all. Early in his career he was known as the one who is hard to hit, but hits hard. By the end of his career he was the one that was never going to be an easy fight; and in between Mathis ruled Lightweight division. Born in Paris to a middle class French family he was expected to follow his father footsteps as a pilot. Instead he found boxing and fell in love with it. It helped that he was damn good at it as well. He captured amateur world title and signed for B2G in 2024 at 19 year old. While he did briefly held the belt in 2034 his real dominance started when he teamed up with the right manager in a next year. Signing for Big Buff Dudes meant moving to Mexico which was a big change, but it certainly was the right choice. For the next nine years the belt did not change hands.

Always a true professional Mathis let his hands do the talking and took the high road. He made tons of fans throughout the world. He made a fortune by spending his money the right ways and never needed to earn a paycheck, but continued to stay with the sport he loved. He was the oldest French champion and retired after failing to win back a French title at the age of 43. Today Mathis can be found sharing time between his home in Guadalajara or his luxury suite in Marseille with his Mexican wife and two daughters.

Shaoqi Li
2 X World champion
84 Defenses
(2030-2056)Aging Taner Oyal and Shaoqi Li had many memorable bouts in the late 30s with Shaoqi displaying to the world that he is a worthy champion to carry on after Tanerís legacy. When B2G legend the Turkish Taner Oyal retired in 2046, few could predict that the young Chinese fighter ruling the Welterweights was going to surpass Tanerís legendary status. Shaoqi proved all the doubters wrong over and over again! He finally retired with unbelievable record of 84 title defenses!

Shaoqi was born in Urumqi, China in 2012. Trained in a gym run by an aging Mongolian Olympian boxer Shaoqi was able to capture amateur World Championship in 2030 and immediately turned pro. Incredibly a 20 year old was noticed very early when he was still climbing up ranks in Asia. Legendary manager Punchy brought young boxer into his London Agincourt. As Agincourt gym run into financial difficulty Shaoqi was sold to a Prague Radish Dragon Team. Since both gyms were part of Agincount Boxing Club partnership the transfer went smoothly and it is here under jetcat tutelage that a new star was born.

Shaoqi Li retired in 2056 and many pundits have doubts that his 15 dominance will ever be bested, just like many doubted the same about the boxer and another Welterweight whom Shaoqi Li surpassed.

Jonathan "Tango ed" Tiangco
3 X World champion
61 Defenses
(2028-2051) Jonathan "Tango ed" Tiangco spend over 10 years at the top of the most prestigious Superweight division. After Suzu Morita lost the belt in 2032 superweight division was lacking a dominant force until Tango ed came into the picture. The surprisingly tall 2 meter long Philippine was like Morita without much amateur success. And yet he was extremely powerful boxer and did not allow most of his fights to go to the judges.

In 2031 Agincount Boxing Club partnership member, Keirankoogan signed the young boxer into his Liverpool Geoghegan Golden Gloves gym. After about 2 years in that gym Tango ed reached world class division. At this point however Keirankoogan did not agree on the contract extension and Jonathan become a free agent until 2035 when jetcat offered him a contract for his Radish dragon gym in Prague. Just two years later Tango ed became a world champion and he stayed on the top for the next 10 years.

Tuevo "Terror" Jarvin
6 X World champion
42 Defenses
(2028-2051)Tuevo "Terror" Jarvin was a boxer with whom Hall of Famer Jeffrey Rittenbach shared many memorable bouts. The young Finn eventually overcome the aging American and his grip on a belt was strong enough for the next 10 years to get him into the Hall of Fame as well.

The tiny 157cm Terror had a huge amateur pedigree with an Olympic gold and could win in every way possible. He could be the best boxer or the best punisher. He adjusted to each opponent and knew that at his peak he could beat anyone in their own game.

Originally at 17 Tuevo signed a two year contract with Houston UGI gym. The contract was extended and under UGIís tutelage Teuvo was able to capture the world title in 2033. This was the time when Rittenbach was still a dominant enough force and he was able to recapture his belt on a rematch. Tuevo contract talked stalled and he became a free agent until Rico offered him a new contract for his Guadalajara Big Buff Dudes gym. It is under Ricoís tutelage that Tuevo prospered and gradually become the most dominant force in the Bantamweight division.

Alekko Georgiev
9 X World champion
34 Defenses
(2033-2056) What is truly remarkable about Bulgarian Alekko Georgiev is that he was able to be a contender for a heavyweight world title for 18 years. That and the fact that he was always fighting for a same gym. London Quay spotted the youngster in just his 4th pro fight and since then London became Alekkoís second home. Under martb tutelage he participated in many great fights. He did not always have the best work ethics and would sometime lose the belt due to lackluster preparation. But then he would always get the spark back and take his title back even at the ripe old age of 41.

A remarkable career for a person who loved the boxing game and even after Alekko retired as a boxer he continues to be part of the sport as a well respected scout.

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