. Week 2, April 2070

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Legacy tourney results
Heavyweight military 2069 Bristol Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Cruiserweight elite Christchurch Sweet 16registration
Middleweight military 2068 Christchurch Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Lightweight military 2067 Baltimore Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Superweight military 2066 Boston Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Superweight Los Angeles Iron will for schoolboysofficialmartb
Cruiserweight military 2065 New York Box2Glory World Cupofficial
Welterweight military 2064 Debrecen Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Middleweight military Leeds Iron willofficialmartb
Bantamweight military 2063 Leeds Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Heavyweight military 2062 Bradford Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Middleweight elite Leeds Furor teutonicusofficialmartb
Middleweight military 2061 Kota Kinabalu Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Lightweight military 2060 Birmingham Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Superweight military Tucuman Smokin Joe Frazier Memorialofficialmartb
Superweight military 2059 Clevelend Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Welterweight Stockholm Rapture for schoolboysofficialBullan
Cruiserweight military 2058 London Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Lightweight Atlanta Arturo Gatti Memorial for schoolboysofficialDerAlte
Welterweight military 2057 Lagos Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Superweight elite Atlanta Arturo Gatti Memorialofficialmartb
Bantamweight military 2056 Dublin Box2Glory World Cupregistration
Superweight military Brisbane Pain, Power and Gloryofficialmartb
Heavyweight elite Liverpool Pantheon of World Warriorsofficialmartb
Welterweight military Auckland Blood and Gutsofficialmartb
Superweight Miami The King of the Ring for schoolboysofficialBullan
Welterweight military London Openofficialmartb
Superweight Novosibirsk Heat of Battle for schoolboysofficialmartb
Lightweight elite Copenhagen Sic itur ad astraofficialmartb
Superweight military 2052 London Box2Glory World CupOfficialmartb
Superweight elite Bergen Last One StandingofficialBullan
Lightweight Minneapolis Open for schoolboysofficialluke83
Middleweight military Philadelphia The King of the RingofficialWilldh3
Bantamweight elite Antwerp PugilistofficialWilldh3
Cruiserweight elite Atlanta Ad honoresofficialmartb
Heavyweight elite Rio de Janeiro Joy and Tearsofficialmartb
Welterweight elite Leeds Pugilist InvitationalofficialBullan
Cruiserweight elite London Sic itur ad astraofficialkingderi
Bantamweight Amsterdam Battle for schoolboysofficialmartb
Heavyweight military 2048 Accra Box2Glory World CupOfficialmartb
Cruiserweight military Las Vegas Joy and TearsofficialDerAlte
Cruiserweight Los Angeles Iron Fists for schoolboysofficialBullan
Bantamweight military Montreal Johnny Tapia Mi Vida Loca MemorialofficialBullan
Middleweight military 2047 Leeds Box2Glory World CupOfficialmartb
Middleweight military Leeds Sweet 16officialluke83
Superweight military Manchester Pugilistofficialmartb
Welterweight elite Los Angeles Iron FistsofficialConnyboy
Heavyweight elite Los Angeles Francisco Guilledo Memorialofficialmartb
Superweight military Sheffield The King of the Ringofficialgroovsh8ker
Middleweight Copenhagen Joy and Tears for schoolboysofficialBullan
Lightweight military 2046 Los Angeles Box2Glory World CupOfficialmartb
Superweight military Brisbane Boxing Grailofficialmartb
Bantamweight elite Phoenix Arturo Gatti Memorialofficialmartb
Middleweight Dublin Lionheart for schoolboysofficialmartb
Heavyweight elite Chicago Smokin Joe Frazier MemorialofficialBullan
Welterweight Atlanta Sweet 16 for schoolboysofficialluke83
Bantamweight Bucharest Last One Standing for schoolboysofficialBullan
Superweight military 2045 Belgrade Box2Glory World CupOfficialBullan
Middleweight elite London Pugilistofficialpepper2008
Lightweight Cebu City Cup for schoolboysofficialBullan
Cruiserweight elite Osaka Blood and Gutsofficialxxflip
Cruiserweight elite Liverpool Johnny Tapia Mi Vida Loca Memorialofficialmartb
Bantamweight military Cincinnati Joy and Tearsofficialhawgfan
Cruiserweight military 2044 Atlanta Box2Glory World CupOfficialmartb
Bantamweight Glasgow Iron Fists for schoolboysofficialBullan
Bantamweight elite Cebu City Fighting Mongoosesofficialmartb
Bantamweight military Leon Joy and TearsofficialDerAlte
Middleweight military London Pure Gloryofficialmartb
Welterweight military 2043 Naples Box2Glory World CupOfficialmartb
Bantamweight elite Budapest Golden Glovesofficialmartb
Cruiserweight military Helsinki Pugilist InvitationalofficialBullan
Bantamweight military Birmingham Lionheartofficialmartb
Heavyweight military Birmingham Pantheon of World WarriorsofficialBullan
Superweight military Glasgow Sweet 16officialmartb
Cruiserweight elite Ljubljana Golden LegacyofficialDaddyPartridge
Middleweight military Sheffield Golden LegacyofficialBullan
Bantamweight military 2042 Amsterdam Box2Glory World CupOfficialmartb
Superweight elite Baltimore Cupofficialmartb
Cruiserweight Sofia Gauntlet of Pugilism for schoolboysofficialBullan
Lightweight military Sofia Salvidor Sanchez Memorialofficialmartb
Heavyweight military London Pantheon of World WarriorsofficialBullan
Cruiserweight Leeds Pantheon of World Warriors for schoolboysofficialTereise
Superweight military Aarhus TrophyofficialDavid
Middleweight military Brussels Golden LegacyofficialBullan
Middleweight Sheffield Last One Standing for schoolboysofficialJord
Bantamweight London Sweet Science Diploma for schoolboysofficialmartb
Heavyweight military 2041 Detroit Box2Glory World CupOfficialBullan
Cruiserweight elite Detroit Pain, Power and GloryofficialBullan
Middleweight elite Moscow Arturo Gatti MemorialofficialPhoenixheart
Lightweight elite Toronto Pugilist Invitationalofficialmartb
Heavyweight military Glasgow Heart of the champtionsofficialBullan
Middleweight elite Munich Fighting Mongoosesofficialmartb
Welterweight Bristol Rapture for schoolboysofficialBrutus1
Middleweight elite Leeds Sweet 16officialTereise
Welterweight New York Golden Legacy for schoolboysofficialJerryWest
Superweight elite London PugilistofficialBullan
Cruiserweight military Fortaleza Iron FistsofficialTereise
Cruiserweight Iasi Cup for schoolboysofficialironmike
Middleweight military 2040 Iasi Box2Glory World CupOfficialBullan
Lightweight elite Tampa Pugilist Invitationalofficialmartb
Superweight elite Manchester Vernon Forest Memorialofficialidiots1234
Cruiserweight military Denver Heat of BattleofficialBullan
Welterweight elite Montreal Pantheon of World Warriorsofficialpathud
Bantamweight military Montreal Status belliofficialmartb
Lightweight elite Buenos Aires Last One StandingofficialBullan
Superweight military London Pure Gloryofficialmartb
Middleweight London Iron Fists for schoolboysofficialTereise
Lightweight military 2039 New York Box2Glory World CupOfficialBullan
Lightweight military New York Gauntlet of Pugilismofficialmartb
Superweight elite New York Vernon Forest Memorialofficialchief
Cruiserweight military Cardiff Heat of BattleofficialBullan
Middleweight San Francisco Heat of Battle for schoolboysofficialchaotikal
Bantamweight elite San Francisco Raptureofficialllecha
Heavyweight military Minneapolis Instantia crucisofficialmartb
Middleweight elite New York Smokin Joe Frazier MemorialofficialBullan
Heavyweight military New York Pugilistofficiallehovsky
Cruiserweight New York Pugilist for schoolboysofficialBullan
Welterweight military Lviv Golden Glovesofficialmartb
Bantamweight elite Los Angeles Pain, Power and GloryofficialTereise
Superweight military 2038 Los Angeles Box2Glory World CupOfficialmartb
Heavyweight military Kaunas Vernon Forest MemorialofficialBullan
Welterweight elite London Heart of the champtionsofficialmartb
Superweight elite Auckland Furor teutonicusofficialBullan
Cruiserweight elite New York Status belliofficialmartb
Lightweight elite London The King of the RingofficialBullan
Cruiserweight Manchester Pugilist for schoolboysofficialmartb
Welterweight New York Golden Chalice for schoolboysofficialBullan
Superweight Glasgow Pugilist Invitational for schoolboysofficialmartb
Heavyweight elite 2037 Glasgow Box2Glory World CupOfficialPunchy
Middleweight elite Denver Iron willofficialPunchy
Welterweight military Warsaw Iron willofficialmartb
Bantamweight elite Dublin LionheartofficialTereise
Superweight Clevelend TNT for schoolboysofficialBullan
Cruiserweight military Malmo Sic itur ad astraofficialmartb
Welterweight elite Montreal Instantia crucisofficialTereise
Lightweight Baltimore Smokin Joe Frazier Memorial for schoolboysofficialPunchy
Welterweight elite Las Vegas Pugilistofficialllecha
Lightweight elite Glasgow Sweet Science DiplomaofficialTereise
Bantamweight military Glasgow Iron FistsofficialPunchy
Heavyweight Jakarta Blood and Guts for schoolboysofficialBullan
Middleweight military Rio de Janeiro Francisco Guilledo Memorialofficialchaotikal
Middleweight elite 2036 Rio de Janeiro Box2Glory World CupOfficialPunchy
Welterweight Brisbane Francisco Guilledo Memorial for schoolboysofficialluke83
Bantamweight military Glasgow Heat of Battleofficialmartb
Heavyweight Rome Rapture for schoolboysofficialluke83
Middleweight elite Sendai Fortes fortuna adjuvatofficialPunchy
Welterweight Barcelona Diego Corrales Memorial for schoolboysofficialyuyuman80
Bantamweight military Paris The King of the Ringofficialmcguigan
Heavyweight elite Paris Trophyofficialmartb
Lightweight military Paris Pugilistofficialqzimmermann
Superweight elite Budapest Golden Glovesofficialmartb
Cruiserweight military Los Angeles Gauntlet of Pugilismofficialjetcat
Welterweight elite Birmingham Vernon Forest MemorialofficialBullan
Lightweight elite 2035 Bucharest Box2Glory World CupOfficialjuicepod
Lightweight Bucharest Iron will for schoolboysofficialmartb
Superweight military Nizhny Novgorod Lionheartofficialjuicepod
Cruiserweight Pittsburgh Furor teutonicus for schoolboysofficialBullan
Lightweight elite Phoenix Ad honoresofficialmartb
Bantamweight London Johnny Tapia Mi Vida Loca Memorial for schoolboysofficialgrimbo95
Superweight Manchester The King of the Ring for schoolboysofficialPunchy
Cruiserweight military Detroit Trophyofficialluke83
Welterweight elite Sao Paulo Joy and Tearsofficialsweetness42
Heavyweight Edinburgh Pain, Power and Glory for schoolboysofficialBullan
Welterweight military Dallas Blood and GutsofficialFidel
Lightweight military Canberra Vernon Forest Memorialofficialmartb
Superweight elite 2034 Guangzhou Box2Glory World CupOfficialPunchy
Superweight elite Guangzhou Iron willofficialRico
Heavyweight Montreal Lionheart for schoolboysofficialluke83
Middleweight military Athens TNTofficialmartb
Lightweight elite Montreal Sic itur ad astraofficialgroovsh8ker
Superweight elite Brno Smokin Joe Frazier MemorialofficialPunchy
Heavyweight military Tokyo Smokin Joe Frazier Memorialofficialmartb
Middleweight military Cardiff ShowdownofficialSixPack
Lightweight elite Manila Sweet 16officialllecha
Bantamweight Manchester Golden Legacy for schoolboysofficialmartb
Welterweight military Pittsburgh Blood and Gutsofficialqzimmermann
Lightweight military Manchester Vernon Forest Memorialofficialjetcat
Superweight elite Houston Iron willofficialBullan
Superweight military Jakarta Francisco Guilledo Memorialofficialllecha
Heavyweight Manchester Lionheart for schoolboysofficialPunchy
Cruiserweight elite 2033 Mexico City Box2Glory World CupOfficialmartb
Middleweight military Mexico City TNTofficialqzimmermann
Middleweight Salvador Pantheon of World Warriors for schoolboysofficialmartb
Lightweight military Moscow Furor teutonicusofficialllecha
Superweight elite London Fortes fortuna adjuvatofficialghostswhowalk
Heavyweight Houston Diego Corrales Memorial for schoolboysofficialmartb
Middleweight Pittsburgh Trophy for schoolboysofficialllecha
Welterweight elite Pittsburgh Battleofficialghostswhowalk
Lightweight elite Denver Trophyofficialjetcat
Bantamweight Manchester Joy and Tears for schoolboysofficialmartb
Heavyweight elite New York Golden Legacyofficialllecha
Lightweight elite Tampa Gauntlet of PugilismofficialRico
Bantamweight elite Tampa Pugilist Invitationalofficialghostswhowalk
Cruiserweight New York Fighting Mongooses for schoolboysofficialmartb
Middleweight elite New York LionheartofficialBullan
Welterweight elite 2032 Atlanta Box2Glory World CupOfficialghostswhowalk
Welterweight Atlanta TNT for schoolboysofficialpinhus
Cruiserweight military Oslo Fighting Mongoosesofficialllecha
Middleweight elite Chengdu TNTofficialqzimmermann
Middleweight London Furor teutonicus for schoolboysofficialSixPack
Welterweight London Fortes fortuna adjuvat for schoolboysofficialBullan
Lightweight military Budapest Ad honoresofficialllecha
Bantamweight elite Budapest Smokin Joe Frazier Memorialofficialqzimmermann
Superweight elite Warsaw The Best Of The 16officialghostswhowalk
Superweight Birmingham Trophy for schoolboysofficialBullan
Heavyweight military Birmingham OpenofficialKierankoogan
Cruiserweight military Las Vegas Ring of Gloryofficialmartb
Middleweight elite Riga Golden Legacyofficialghostswhowalk
Lightweight Minneapolis icy cold KOs for schoolboysofficialBullan

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