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Fight #1131128

Week 2 March,2069
Abdi İpekçi Arena

15000 out of 15000
Sedat Kemal
hails from Istanbul, Turkey
Dogukan Aybar
hails from Istanbul, Turkey
Age: 28 Age: 25
Rank: 6 [Turkey] brought to you by Rank: 9 [Turkey]
28(21[6])-1-25(12[12]) 27(26[25])-0-21(19[18])
151 cm, 50 kg
4ft 11in, 110 lb
Bantamweight 148 cm, 50 kg
4ft 10in, 110 lb
Hello and welcome to Istanbul, Turkey.
Sedat Kemal is guaranteed $45,000 for this fight, Dogukan Aybar is guaranteed $30,000
The referee for this bout is Senol Erbil
This fight is on the undercard. This fight is being televised in major markets.



Aybar may want to utilize his hand speed advantage by attempting to counter and feint Kemal
Aybar can always turn the fight around with his explosive hands