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Fight #1136840

Week 4 June,2069
El Capitolio

5000 out of 5000
Bastian Cuban
hails from Santiago, Cuba
Patricio Romero
hails from Havana, Cuba
Havana CAPRICORN[The Boxing Glove]
Age: 21 Age: 32
Rank: 5 [Cuba] brought to you by Rank: 6 [Cuba]
9(8[8])-0-2(2[0]) 40(23[11])-0-31(29[28])
156 cm, 48 kg
5ft 1in, 105 lb
Bantamweight 159 cm, 48 kg
5ft 2in, 105 lb
Hello and welcome to Havana, Cuba.
Bastian Cuban is guaranteed $9,375 for this fight, Patricio Romero is guaranteed $6,250
The referee for this bout is Juan Rivera
This fight is on the undercard. This fight is being televised in major markets.


Cuban can improve his best score record set in April 2069


Cuban can attempt to get inside, slug and clinch using his strength advantage
Romero may want to utilize his fast movement to get in and out fast without being hit. Or play a game of rope a dope
Cuban can always turn the fight around with his explosive hands
We expect Romero to utilize his experience advantage to make this a difficult challenge
Romero may want to pressure Cuban to make him fight at higher work rate than what he is used to