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Fight #1136744

Week 4 June,2069
Boone Boulevard

3177 out of 5000
Kurt Hahn
hails from Vienna, Austria
Ozren Kico
hails from Zagreb, Croatia
Vienna BAVC
coming out to ... intimidating silence coming out to... intimidating silence
Age: 33 Age: 20
Rank: 49 [Europe] brought to you by Rank: 51 [Europe]
45(19[14])-2-19(8[5]) 11(10[5])-0-1(1[1])
146 cm, 50 kg
4ft 9in, 110 lb
Bantamweight 145 cm, 46 kg
4ft 9in, 101 lb
Hello and welcome to Vienna, Austria.
Kurt Hahn is guaranteed $19,062 for this fight, Ozren Kico is guaranteed $12,708
The referee for this bout is Pekka Pasanen
This here is the main event of the evening.


Hahn can improve his best score record set in December 2066


Kico can attempt to get inside, slug and clinch using his strength advantage
Hahn may want to utilize his hand speed advantage by attempting to counter and feint Kico
Hahn may want to utilize his fast movement to get in and out fast without being hit.Or play a game of rope a dope
We expect Hahn to utilize his experience advantage to make this a difficult challenge