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Fight #1147495

"Rumble in Vilnius -- Fireworks...boxed"

Middleweight Title Fight
Week 4 December,2069

25414 out of 30000
Teodoras Peslikas
hails from Vilnius, Lithuania
Charles Baldwin
hails from Birmingham, United Kingdom
Moscow Powerlille
coming out to ... intimidating silence coming out to... intimidating silence
Age: 25 Age: 40
Rank: 1 [Europe] Champion brought to you by Rank: 4 [Europe]
29(26[21])-0-5(4[3]) 88(78[62])-3-37(30[28])
167 cm, 68 kg
5ft 5in, 149 lb
Middleweight 184 cm, 76 kg
6ft 0in, 167 lb
Hello and welcome to Vilnius, Lithuania.
Teodoras Peslikas is guaranteed $762,420 for this fight, Charles Baldwin is guaranteed $508,280
The referee for this bout is Rik Hoogeveen
This here is the main event of the evening. This fight is being televised in major markets.


Peslikas will be promoted with a win or a tie
Peslikas can improve his best score record set in October 2069


Baldwin can utilize his height advantage and stay on the outside
Baldwin can utilize his weight advantage to push, lean and otherwise drain Peslikas energy
Peslikas may want to utilize his fast movement to get in and out fast without being hit.Or play a game of rope a dope