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Fight #1146478

Week 2 December,2069
City Hall Gyumri

15000 out of 15000
Edvard Bagratuni
hails from Gyumri, Armenia
Allen Kappano
hails from San Francisco, United States
coming out to ... intimidating silence coming out to... intimidating silence
Age: 31 Age: 36
Rank: 7 [World] brought to you by Rank: 8 [World]
51(43[28])-3-21(11[8]) 84(83[73])-0-50(43[38])
152 cm, 56 kg
4ft 11in, 123 lb
Lightweight 149 cm, 53 kg
4ft 10in, 116 lb
Hello and welcome to Gyumri, Armenia.
Edvard Bagratuni is guaranteed $216,000 for this fight, Allen Kappano is guaranteed $144,000
The referee for this bout is Kenneth Hanson
This here is the main event of the evening. This exclusive pay per view coverage is shown live around the world.


Bagratuni can improve his best score record set in October 2069


Bagratuni may want to utilize his fast movement to get in and out fast without being hit.Or play a game of rope a dope
Bagratuni may want to pressure Kappano to make him fight at higher work rate than what he is used to