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Fight #1013814

Week 1 May,2064

15000 out of 15000
Rohit 'King Kong' Kapoor
hails from Hyderabad, India
Tuomas Makela
hails from Vantaa, Finland
Helsinki DerAlte s[United Nations]
coming out to ... intimidating silence coming out to... intimidating silence
Age: 36 Age: 25
Rank: 9 [World] brought to you by Rank: 10 [World]
62(50[33])-4-21(15[11]) 31(9[6])-5-9(5[3])
200 cm, 100 kg
6ft 6in, 220 lb
Heavyweight 194 cm, 91 kg
6ft 4in, 200 lb
Hello and welcome to Hyderabad, India.
Rohit Kapoor is guaranteed $237,600 for this fight, Tuomas Makela is guaranteed $122,400
The referee for this bout is Akshat Omar
This here is the main event of the evening. This exclusive pay per view coverage is shown live around the world.



Kapoor can attempt to get inside, slug and clinch using his strength advantage
Kapoor can always turn the fight around with his explosive hands
Look out for unintentional headbutts that are common when orthodox and southpaw boxers meet