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Fight #1013822

Week 3 April,2064
Time Supper Club

15000 out of 15000
Allen Guyton
hails from Montreal, Canada
Elvir Catic
hails from Banja Luka, Bosnia
London Quay[Agincourt Boxing Club]
coming out to ... intimidating silence coming out to... intimidating silence
Age: 32 Age: 27
Rank: 5 [World] brought to you by Rank: 7 [World]
46(33[22])-5-24(10[6]) 32(25[12])-1-15(6[4])
187 cm, 76 kg
6ft 1in, 167 lb
Middleweight 165 cm, 70 kg
5ft 4in, 154 lb
Hello and welcome to Montreal, Canada.
Allen Guyton is guaranteed $216,000 for this fight, Elvir Catic is guaranteed $144,000
The referee for this bout is Alexandr Reznik
This here is the main event of the evening. This exclusive pay per view coverage is shown live around the world.


Guyton can improve his best score record set in February 2064


Guyton can utilize his height advantage and stay on the outside