. Week 2, April 2070

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Hello, and welcome to Box 2 Glory!
Think of B2G as very similar to SI's Football Manager, but covering sport of boxing. Played both as multi-player as well as single player against AI. Sign and trade boxers from all over the world. Sign coaches, scouts and cutman. Upgrade your gym or get some illegal steroids (but don't get caught). Train boxers, build fight plans and nurture your fighters 2 boxing glory.

Learn more by reading the game manual(English)
game manual(Deutsch)
game manual(Russian)

January 2017
Added private regions, which allows players to have a copy of the game under their control.
April 2015
Added a way to create a custom protege fighter and manage him from amatuer to pro live with no wait.
April 2014
Live fighting is added to the game. Manage fighter during a fight in real time.
December 2013
Chile, Malaysia, Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Venezuela, Albania, Austria, Taiwan, Pakistan, Georgia, Armenia and Ukraine are added, now 63 countries in B2G.
September 2013
Fight for credits and Fight predictor added.
August 2013
Email correspondence added.
March 2013
Annual World Cup and all improved boxer profile pages with images added.
January 2013
Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are added, now 50 countries in B2G.
December 2012
Early retirement and mind changing about retirement added. Boxers may now turn their back to the sport or heed their heart and return to the ring.
September 2012
Tournament mode is added to the game. Allow for instant human vs. human action. And will be used to further balance the game.
June 2012
Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia are added for total of 45 countries.
May 2012
Version 1 of Box2Glory goes live.
November 2011
Box2Glory goes on facebook as the website is down to be reworked to get ready for release. Facebook is used to update on progress, share new screens.
September 2011
Beta test concludes. Dozens of bug fixes and improvements are the direct result of great work done by Beta test players. (UGI, fergsuk, sendorange and the rest...my thanks)
March 2011
Beta test starts. Over 300 users sign-up to help test the game.

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